Accredited training

Our unique ILM Leadership and Management qualifications embed mental health and wellbeing into your leaders and managers skill set

Accredited training

Our range of ILM qualifications provide organisations with a unique approach to leadership and management that embeds mental health and wellbeing knowledge and expertise at the heart of your leaders and managers skill set.

Organisations are recognising that to enable their teams to achieve optimum performance requires leaders and managers throughout the organisation to build a culture of wellbeing and engagement.

Extensive research shows that leaders and managers can be a primary source of stress within their organisations. We also know that 57% of working days lost in the UK are due to stress, anxiety or depression. It is therefore critical for organisations who aspire to have high performing, resilient teams to have leaders and managers that understand how to fulfil their leadership and management objectives whilst developing and protecting both their own and their teams mental health and wellbeing.

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