Coronavirus updates

The Breathe centre is temporarily closed but we are still here to support you. 

We’re doing our bit to help stop the spread of Coronavirus by following Public Health Wales’ guidelines for staying safe during the outbreak.


What we’re doing

The Breathe team will be working from home in order to keep themselves and the people we work with as safe as we can. Please remember that you can still contact us direct via our office phone number, mobile and on email and social media.

For Breathe contact details please visit this page.


Is Breathe still able to offer counselling during the coronavirus lockdown?

Private counselling

We are still running and are providing online and telephone counselling – email hello@breathe-uk.com or call 029 2044 0191 and the Breathe team are here to help.

Low cost counselling

We are developing training and a robust system of support to enable trainee counsellors to work confidently, ethically and in adherence with training organisations and accrediting bodies requirements. While we achieve this we will be temporarily suspending trainee counselling as we work with all trainees to put these measures in place.


What about new clients?

If you are a new client (including EAP) you can still access our counselling service. The first step is to complete and return a referral form. We will then be in touch to book an assessment. (Assessments will be provided over the phone or online)

Download referral form


Find out how the phone and online counselling service works:


Feeling anxious?

Here are some tips to help manage anxiety around Coronavirus.

Don’t spend too much time on the news

Choose one reliable source of news and try to avoid scrolling through numerous outlets. Many of us will want to keep up to date on how the situation is unfolding but do be mindful of what information is useful to you.

Connect with loved ones

Through calls, text, FaceTime, WhatsApp, voice notes – whatever works for you. Some of our staff are using WhatsApp groups and focusing on uplifting content such as favourite films, books and sending each other fun challenges.

Prioritise self-care

If you’re working from home or self-isolating, think about ways that you can start your day in a way that helps you to feel calm and ready for the day. This could be a 10 minute meditation, a shower, a phone call with a loved one, breath work techniques, EFT (emotional freedom technique) also known as tapping or even puppy videos on YouTube.

Create a routine

A routine can be really important for maintaining emotional and mental wellbeing. Think about a routine that works for you and your family and be sure to break the day up with self-care practices, meals away from screens and making sure you’re keeping in touch with anyone who may be vulnerable or lonely at this time.

Mindfulness and wellbeing practices

Why not try meditation or other mindful practices to promote your wellbeing. Go to these pages for apps and the best places to learn.

Call: 029 2044 0191
Email: hello@breathe-uk.com