3-a-Day for Mental Health

We are all familiar with the benefits of eating your ‘5 a Day’ for your physical health. The 3 a Day’ Wellbeing Strategy are daily activities that support your mental health and wellbeing.

The  3 A Day’ for Wellbeing strategy, developed by Breathe UK provides a range of strategies, actions and ideas informed by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuroscience and Psychological Reseach for you to choose your three a day from.

The range provides a wide choice for your 3 A Day’ including ‘Mind Minutes’, which are one minute daily actions. The range available is designed to enable everyone to find three daily actions that fit their mental health / wellbeing goals and their lifestyle.

‘3 A Day’ Workshop Content –

  • ‘Mind Minutes’ – sixty second actions to improve wellbeing.
  • Juggling life’s challenges – daily strategies for managing busy lives.
  • Connecting with Others – Herd the news! Happy humans are connected to others.
  • Balancing Body & Mind – strategies to care for the whole of you
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