3-a-Day for Mental Health

We are all familiar with the benefits of eating your ‘5 a Day’ for your physical health. The ‘3 a Day’ Wellbeing Strategy are daily activities that support your mental health and wellbeing.

This course provides a range of strategies, actions and ideas informed by cognitive behaviour therapy, neuroscience and psychological research for you to choose your three a day from.

The range provides a wide choice for your ‘3 A Day’ including ‘Mind Minutes’, which are one minute daily actions. The range available is designed to enable everyone to find three daily actions that fit their mental health/wellbeing goals and their lifestyle.

Learning outcomes:

  • ‘Mind minutes’ – sixty-second actions to improve wellbeing
  • Juggling life’s challenges – daily strategies for managing busy lives
  • Connecting with others – happy humans are connected to others
  • Balancing body and mind – strategies to care for the whole of you

Course aimed at:

This course is suitable for professionals who wish to develop an awareness of wellbeing and how to incorporate wellbeing into the work environment and home life.

Course duration:

1 day.