Information about data protection

To apply for counselling, we ask for consent to hold and process any personal, confidential information about you which will
be used as part of the counselling process, such as your contact details, notes and assessment forms. The information held
will be in digital and physical formats. We do not pass your personal information on to anyone else without asking for your
consent first.

How we use information
• To help inform decisions that we make about your referral.
• To work effectively with other organisations that may be involved in your support.
• To ensure our services can meet your needs.
• To be able to provide you with the highest standard of counselling possible.

How is your information retained and kept safe?
Your information must be kept safe and secure to protect your confidentiality. Information is retained in secure electronic
records and access is restricted to only those who need to know. There are several other ways in which your privacy is
shielded by removing your identifying information, adhering to strict contractual conditions and ensuring strict sharing or
processing agreements are in place. The information shared may be used for the planning and delivery of services. It may
also be used for statistical purposes where appropriate to do so. Information collected will be stored securely and used

These arrangements will be in place for three years after you have completed your counselling, or until you
decide to withdraw consent (if you do so before those three years have finished). This form will be reviewed with you when
you start counselling. It will be destroyed once no longer valid, such as when a review is due or if you withdraw consent.
Please note that we have a duty of care to share information about risk with other relevant services and your GP. This will
be discussed with your counsellor.