How to build confidence and achieve your goals: Tips from a Life Coach

Life coaching helps people build confidence, explore what they want in life, their goals and how to achieve them. Maybe you are excited about a new business idea or want to change something in your life. But something is holding you back or is in your way.

People often seek life coaching when they have struggled to make long-lasting changes. Sometimes a person may feel stuck from knowing that something needs to change, but are unsure what changes are needed or are possible. They are looking to try a different approach rather than repeat the same experience with the same outcome.

A life coach is trained to help you recognise your obstacles and what steps to take to achieve your goals.

We speak to certified life coach Helen who shares tips for people looking to make changes and how working with a life coach can help you move forward.

What tips would you give to people looking to make changes in their life?

Here are a few steps to help you make positive changes:

  • Be specific in describing what you want and when you want it.
  • Write it down or record it, using positive language.
  • Focus your goal on things you can influence and not on those that are outside of your control (For example, you have no control over the weather)
  • Build a vivid picture in your mind of: What will life be like once I achieve this? How will I feel?
  • Acknowledge that you may need to prioritise and change or remove something that currently takes up your time/energy to make space for the new.
  • What step can you take immediately to start moving you towards your goal? However small. Starting with small steps can build your confidence and trust in your ability to make a change.

How can working with a life coach help you to achieve your goals?

As a life coach I 100% believe in people’s ability to make changes. Sometimes a person has no one including themselves who believes in them. This belief has an influence on motivation and confidence.

By working together, we explore a person’s goals and if they are something they truly want for themselves and that their most important values are represented. Sometimes people set goals because they feel they ‘should’ want it and to meet others’ or society’s expectations.

I listen carefully and at a deep level, observe body language (where possible) to identify unconscious resistance. This could be conflicts with values, negative thoughts, or unhelpful underlying beliefs. All these factors may be restricting their progress.

People often pursue life coaching when they have previously tried to make long-lasting changes but have been unsuccessful. Or when they feel stuck and know that something needs to change but are unsure what changes are needed or are possible. They are looking to try a different approach rather than repeat the same actions and experience the same outcome.

A life coach helps people to be where they want to be. Actions are tailored specifically to individual needs and eventually realise that they have the resources within themselves to find the best way forward.

Techniques and coaching exercises

  • Encouraging people to think out of their comfort zone in a non-judgemental safe environment.
  • Helping people to explore their aspirations, inspirations and values, build confidence and to identify life-changing dream goals.
  • Identifying step by step actions and overcoming negative thoughts to achieve these goals.
  • Recognising different perspectives and seeing the bigger picture.

Interested in life coaching or counselling?

The first step is to complete and return a referral form. Following an assessment, we will pair you with a counsellor best suited to your needs. We want to get it right for you so that you have a good relationship and experience, which will help you to achieve your goals.

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