Breathe to become Platfform Wellbeing

We are excited to announce that we are becoming Platfform Wellbeing!

But that doesn’t affect who you are working with or how we are working with you. Our support will be the same as it’s always been.

Why are we changing?

Breathe has always been part of Platfform, the charity for mental health and social change. Since opening in 2018, we have been delivering counselling to individuals and organisations across the UK with a Cardiff base for face-to-face sessions.

There is a strong alignment between Breathe and a developing training offer from Platfform. They have been used in organisations hand in hand. A collaborative approach of training and counselling connects our services and makes clear that we are part of Platfform as a whole.

The work shares the same vision and values that help people to make sustainable changes in their lives. Focusing on people’s strengths and challenging some of the more traditional approaches to help people make changes.

What will be Platfform Wellbeing’s new offering?

A range of support for people and organisations including counselling, training and complete wellbeing solutions that start from the ground up.

Our approach is non-medical, and built on empathy, understanding, and evidence. Everything that happens in our lives has an impact on our mental health. No two people are the same, and no two organisations are the same. Wellbeing is never one-size-fits-all. Our work is understanding people.

When is Breathe becoming Platfform Wellbeing?

From 1st March 2023 counselling and training services will fall under the name of Platfform Wellbeing. There will be a new website with social media channels and email addresses converting to the new name.

We look forward to joining up for greater impact and delivering our shared vision.

What do you need to do?

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