Breathe wins bereavement counselling contract

Cardiff counselling centre Breathe have successfully secured a new contract to deliver bereavement counselling for the next three years. It’s part of a significant new investment from Welsh Government into bereavement care.

This funded support is available for people anywhere in Wales. The early stages of the support will involve getting to understand each person’s unique circumstances and what they’re experiencing.

Breathe can provide:

  • 8 sessions of counselling, available online, over the phone or face to face in Cardiff and Swansea.
  • Peer support, based around connecting with others going through a similar experience.
  • Self-help guides with the aim of helping ‘normalise’ feelings and coming to terms with what has happened.
  • Mindfulness techniques, ways of keeping your daily routine going, and understanding the effects of grief on your physical health.

During the pandemic, the team at Breathe supported nearly 1,000 people experiencing bereavements or related COVID distress.

The new funding provides vital support to continue and expand Breathe’s services to those struggling with grief and loss.

The programme has been put together by Tracey, Breathe’s lead counsellor. Her experience in this area and passion for getting bereavement counselling right is what lead Breathe to apply for the funding.

She has said:

“Our project is underpinned by the principles of compassionate, person-centred care and understanding that each person’s grief is unique to them. 

 We are pleased to have received funding from the Welsh Government to provide specialist counselling and bereavement support. Our qualified counsellors can work with those who have experienced a traumatic bereavement or complicated grief. Some people faced additional challenges during the pandemic such as not having closure, not being able to say goodbye to loved ones and not attending funerals, combined with not being able to be close to family and friends for much-needed relational, and community support.

  Our project has different stages to suit individual needs, based on the timeline post-bereavement. People can choose what support they would like to access. Our support is split into a first stage initial conversation to understand what has happened and what the person is experiencing now; post-bereavement support; post bereavement counselling and follow-on group-based peer support”.

If you are interested in bereavement counselling, self-help information or peer support, then get in touch: