Double award win for Breathe

Cardiff Counselling centre Breathe has won two mental health and wellbeing awards: 

  • Best Mental Health Support Service Bronze Award at the Mental Health and Wellbeing Show
  • Workplace Wellbeing Specialists of the Year at the Wales Prestige Awards

The awards celebrate local businesses and recognise the quality of services provided to people.

With many people struggling with their mental health since the pandemic, counsellors have worked with more people to overcome the challenges they face.

Fundamental to Breathe’s work is a non-judgemental, person-centred approach, tailoring therapeutic support to the needs of each person.

Breathe was founded by Platfform, the charity for mental health and social change. Since its launch in 2018, the social enterprise has grown a significant UK-wide network of over 60 people including counsellors, psychologists, and supervisors – working with both people and organisations.

Christine, Head of Breathe said:

“The awards are an incredible achievement. The team are committed to providing the best possible service when people are experiencing a difficult time.

Counselling enables people to focus on areas of their lives that are causing them distress or holding them back.  These include anxiety, depression, bereavement, eating disorders, work-related stress, financial worries, family/relationship issues, sexual assault, domestic abuse, self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

Breathe believes that everyone has strengths to build upon and counsellors can help people to connect with these strengths. Working with a counsellor can help people gain a better understanding of their feelings, thought processes, and find their own solutions to problems. Building their own wellbeing toolkit with coping strategies that work for them.

Different approaches work well for different people. Our counsellors specialise in many types of counselling including art therapy, sand tray therapy and EMDR”.

If you or people from your organisation are interested in counselling, please contact hello@breathe-uk.com for more information.