Swansea University partners with Breathe to provide employee counselling service

Breathe are providing counselling sessions for Swansea University to support the wellbeing of staff.

Employees can access a wide range of talking therapies that are available face to face, online or over the phone.

The counsellors at Breathe work with people on ways to help manage mental health and wellbeing, finding ways forward that are best suited to each person’s individual goals.

Addressing the impact of mental health issues due to the pandemic, counselling provides vital support to those facing challenges with their mental health.

Christine, Head of Breathe said:

“We’re thrilled to be working with Swansea University. We understand that the last two years have been difficult and that people may need more support with their mental health.

Breathe counsellors can work with people who are facing challenges. We have worked with people to overcome the issues they face, from managing stress and anxiety to developing confidence. Professional support can be of significant benefit to people struggling to cope during difficult times.

We look forward to working with Swansea University and seeing the long-term positive change that counselling can help bring about.”