Our approach

Our 360° approach enables organisations to create a culture of optimising employee wellbeing, increasing resilience, engagement and performance.

Workplace wellbeing strategy

We work together to understand your people, your goals and any issues your business is facing.

We explore:

  • What factors are affecting the wellbeing of your team?
  • What are the consequences? (retention, performance, absences, engagement)
  • Where do you want to be? (ideal culture – values and expectations)
  • How do you get there? (Wellbeing strategy and implementation through engaging, energising interventions)

​Breathe works step by step – from research and analysis to developing a bespoke solution and supporting sustainable changes.

1. Research

To understand your business, your people and your goals

2. Analyse

The research and confirm an approach best suited to you

3. Design

A bespoke solution using the latest evidence-based research

4. Set up

Implement and support your new wellbeing strategy

5. Measure

The progress, outcomes and support sustainable changes

Deryn case study

We worked with Deryn to develop a workplace wellbeing strategy which ensures employee mental health and wellbeing is a business priority and not an add-on initiative.

We designed a bespoke solution, bringing together everything we learnt from business goals and the latest research.

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