Sex therapy
Sex therapy supports people to overcome or manage any sexual difficulties they are experiencing

Sex therapy can support people to overcome or manage any sexual difficulties they are experiencing. Therapists can work with any gender, sexual orientation or relationship status. Sometimes a lack of intimacy or difficulty communicating with a partner can become a personal concern. Therefore a sex therapist can be a helpful place to start.

It may feel nerve-wracking talking about sex but you’ll be able to explore how sex affects your relationship and what it is causing you concern. Issues could be affecting your relationship so being honest and open with your partner about what’s happening is a great first step.

Counselling sessions will give you the chance to talk through what’s going on and understand what could be causing the issue. Your therapist will likely advise you to try various exercises outside of your sessions and you will be able to reflect on how well these went in future sessions.


You may discuss various factors associated with sexual difficulties such as:

  • Physical (illness, accident, surgery or medications)
  • Psychological (depression, anxiety or other mental health issues)
  • Emotional (unhappiness in the relationship, unresolved grief)
  • Situational (certain situations or environments)


Sessions encourage you to talk about emotions associated with sex and relationship dynamics, so you may explore other topics. Together with your therapist, you can find effective ways to move forward. Talking therapies, including sex therapy, is both a supportive and educational environment.

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