MBACP Integrative Psychotherapist

Hello there! I’m Abby Jones (MBACP) an Integrative Psychotherapist available to you in Cardiff.

I love books more than anything. I read them, I write them, I have torrid affairs with them; then I treasure them always and struggle to let them go. I see this as a happy result of a difficult childhood, where books had been a safe haven for me. Therefore, I attachment a different meaning to books than someone else might. This is an example of my favourite way of working: psychodynamics. It looks at the way our past effects our present self, behaviour and the choices.

My relationship and attachment to books isn’t currently harmful to me and only causes me problems when I move house and they need carrying. I get professional support with that part instead of trying to carry them all by myself. I see this as similar to what I can offer clients: the support to get from the place you are to where and how you want to be. If I were spending more money or time than I could afford on books, it would be harmful to me and I’d want to work in therapy to change my attachment to a more manageable one, to find a healthier way of meeting that need.

In addition to working with the backdrop of how an issue or unhelpful pattern came to be, identifying those unmet needs back then and ways to meet those needs today; I also use tools from CBT, TA and Mindfulness to ensure my clients have tools they can start to use straight away to promote positive change.

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