BACP Registered Cognitive / Integrative Counsellor

Hello, I’m Arfa and I’m a qualified counsellor at Breathe since August 2018. I love nature and the outdoors – this photo was taken in Brecon Beacon National Park, Wales.

I am a cognitive and integrative counsellor, which means that I’ll blend theory, techniques and interventions of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), grief and loss brief therapy (SFBT) and humanistic approach (PCT). I have 5 years experience of working with young people and adults from all walks of life- in different organisational settings- private, third sector and in education (primary and college- HE). I work with a wide range of issues but most of my experience has been in working with anger management, OCD, relationship issues and moderated to severe anxiety and depression.

My journey to the counselling world began with my own struggle with severe anxiety/depression so I do understand that sometimes in life, we all face challenges and get stuck, which can sometimes be overwhelming. This is where I can help provide you with a listening ear and a way forward. I draw on techniques that best suit you to help you move forward. Whether your challenges are simple or complex, we will work together to find ways to either manage or solve your issues. I work with you to help you understand the psychodynamics of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

I’m friendly and easy to talk to. My role as your counsellor is to establish a safe space where we can build a trusting, open and genuine relationship. It’s my duty to provide you with the space to express difficult and troubling feelings in a confidential and safe environment. Therapy will be: – Tailored to meet your needs – Working at a pace that suits you.

I speak four languages – English, Bengali, Hindi, and Urdu. I also have first-hand experience with cultural diversity. With that, I bring the ability to find the courage and strength to challenge issues that are barriers towards leading a content life.

Exercise and mindfulness are a big part of my self-care routine; I enjoy cooking, yoga, and spa days out with friends, swimming and fitness classes. I also enjoy long walks through nature to mountain hiking and I do enjoy learning! So alongside my counselling and I started an Open University degree in psychology in 2014 (almost there!) as I felt I needed more. I wanted to understand- why we do the things we do and how we make sense of the world around us. I must say this degree has been very influential and extremely resourceful.