Humanistic Existential Counsellor

As a Humanistic Existential counsellor, I aim to work collaboratively with clients to understand the unique way in which they experience their world and the challenges within it.

During our sessions, the aim is to create a genuine trusting and empathic relationship, that allows us to understand the most important aspects of your world and to work towards understanding what it means to be you.

Through counselling, we can explore and understand the most challenging aspects of your life and how these challenges might be addressed as we move through our sessions together.

I have significant experience working within Children’s Services, Domestic Abuse and Mental Health Charities throughout South Wales and have supported clients of all ages during my time working within these organisations.

Working humanistically puts you at the centre of the sessions, you’re the expert on your life and while there are no quick fixes, together we can explore the paths you’d like to walk and the best ways to get you there.