Trainee Pluralistic Counsellor

Hi, I’m Katie, a trainee Pluralistic Counsellor in my last year of a degree in counselling and therapeutic practice at the University of South Wales, and a member of the BACP.

The Pluralistic Approach embraces a range of therapeutic methods and concepts and is underpinned by two basic principles:

1) “Different clients are likely to benefit from different things at different points in time

2) Therapists should work closely with clients to help them identify what they want from therapy and how they might get it” (Cooper & McLeod, 2011).

I will work with you in a way that is collaborative, non-judgemental and flexible, and your therapeutic journey will be as unique and individual as you are. I am trained in solution focussed, CBT and person-centred approaches.

For the last 20 years I have also worked as a socially engaged artist, exploring the tricky stuff of life with communities via print, photography and stitch. I strongly believe that the smallest creative act can often express more than 1000 words. My creative practice has definitely influenced my client work and I warmly welcome curiosity and imagination into the therapy room.

I am also a passionate researcher and am particularly interested in challenging the dominant paradigm of psychiatric diagnosis. If it’s helpful, I can support you to explore the challenges that you are facing from multiple perspectives. We might consider, for example, how power operates in your life or how your nervous system responds to cues of safety and danger.

You will see from my photograph that despite being a Goth as a teenager, I love colour! When I’m not counselling or studying, I enjoy urban rambling, experimental cooking and all things creative.