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Choose up to three, 2 hour-long sessions. Learn strategies and techniques to help boost your wellbeing

You can choose 3 sessions. You have the option of attending all of the sessions or choosing individual sessions. You may want to complete all 3 sessions in one week or sign up for sessions on different weeks.

All sessions are delivered online. You will receive a link closer to the time.



Navigating Change

Ways to positively, confidently, and calmly navigate change. We’ll look at coping
strategies and how to boost both your energy levels and your wellbeing


Create Your New Normal

We may be in a different place, in terms of how we feel and what we want. Learn how to reflect, build on the experience and
identify what for you is the ideal, ‘new normal’.


Reconnect with Your Social Side

As we begin reconnecting, there may be aspects of this transition that feel
challenging. This session looks at how we can rebuild relationships and boost our confidence

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