Breathe wellbeing service

Our qualified counsellors provide wellbeing calls offering solution-focused, practical support.

Wellbeing phone calls

We understand that sometimes people can face challenging times so protecting our physical and mental health is absolutely critical.

Our expert team of qualified counsellors can provide wellbeing calls to members of your team and offer ​psychologically informed, solution-focused, practical support.

Whether the issue is struggling to sleep, feeling low, anxiety or difficulty coping, our counsellors can provide advice, techniques and strategies to help improve and sustain wellbeing.

We support these calls with our library of mental health and wellbeing resources to create a personal mental health toolkit – sent straight to your inbox.

The benefits of checking in with your team


Employees want check-ins

A study found that employees overwhelmingly believe that check-ins to discuss mental health and wellbeing are important. A massive 84% think this is the case, with around 30% rating them as “very important”. They are particularly significant to the youngest members of the workforce, Generation Z, with 40% of this age group rating them as “very important”.

Wellbeing and productivity

Research shows 96% of employers see a direct correlation between wellbeing and performance. More businesses see the stats and are putting wellbeing at the heart of their budget. Organisations that implement and evaluate meaningful wellbeing strategies will see a positive correlation with performance, and consequently, will thrive. 

Employees are uncomfortable discussing mental health with employers

A YouGov Study found only 3 in 10 (29%) of UK workers said they would feel comfortable discussing mental health with their employer. The study also showed that 29% of people who have taken sick days off work due to mental health didnt tell their employer the reason. The Mental Health Foundation found that the average adult will say “I’m fine” 14 times a week, though just 19% really mean it.

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